Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

Below: The Shami practised SuigyŨ (water purification) each morning before Service.

European Shami Seminar at Renkoji Temple in Italy

Group photo of the Instructors, Shami and Nyudo

After the completion of the Seminar, the participants were invited to join Renkoji's celebration of Nichiren Shonin's Birthday ceremony. 

Many people gathered from around Europe, including from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany for the celebration - it was a wonderful occasion!

Below: The attendees - From right to left, Shojin Hosshi, Yodatsu Hosshi, Kanse Hosshi

Tsukamoto Shonin was invited to Renkoji Temple, near Milan in Italy, as an instructor for the 3rd European Shami Seminar. He and Tarabini Shonin together provided instruction to the three attendees (from the UK, Spain, and Brazil) ceremonial manner, and Buddhist doctrine. There was also a seminar held for two Nyudo of Renkoji.