Friday 1st March - Odaimoku-ko at 7pm

The monthly "Odaimoku Meeting" is an opportunity to come together and support each other and practise together more intensively than we may be able to at home on our own. The energy from this longer chanting is a great way to boost and revitalise our practice each month, to reflect on the month that has passed and resolve to benefit others with our thoughts, words and actions in the coming month.

Sunday 3rd March - Sunday Practice at 1pm

​Sunday 10th March - Sunday Practice at 1pm​ 

Sunday 17th March - Sunday Practice at 1pm

Monday 18th-Sunday 24th - Spring O-Higan Week

During O-Higan we emphasise Buddhist practice and study in order to focus on “Higan” or the "other shore" of enlightenment. During this week we traditionally abstain from eating meat and drinking alcohol. Also, please emphasise the practice of the Six Pāramitās during the week:

Giving - Give to others what you can: time, money, labour, kind words, a smile
Precepts - Watch your behaviour
Patience - Be patient, keep calm and don’t be angry
Endeavour - Do your best in your work and Buddhist practice
Meditation - Chant the Odaimoku to keep your mind calm
Wisdom - Consider what is the truth and try to see things as they really are

Sunday 24th March - Spring O-Higan Segaki Ceremony at 1pm (Potluck Lunch)

The Segaki ceremony is a very powerful ceremony which has been held by Buddhists since the time of the Buddha to give peace to suffering spirits, especially Hungry Ghosts, by offering them food, water, and the Buddha’s teachings. With our offerings, they can become satisfied and peaceful.

During the Segaki Service we transfer the merit accumulated from this powerful act of donation to our ancestors and suffering spirits using “Toba” which are wooden tablets. The name of each ancestor you wish to deliver your love, compassion and merit to is written on a Toba (wooden tablet). This ceremony teaches us many things - generosity, gratitude and appreciation for our ancestors, and interdependence - the Buddhist teaching that we are all connected and only exist because of other people's support and kindness. Please email the names of your ancestors who you wish to have a Toba offered for to the temple by Friday 22nd March. We ask for a donation of £5.00 per Toba.

​Sunday 31st February - Sunday Practice at 1pm followed by Lotus Sutra Study

Schedule of Events : March 2019

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