Sunday 11th August - Sunday Practice at 1pm


Friday 18th August - Sunday Practice at 1pm

Sunday 25th August - Matsubagayatsu Service at 1pm; Lotus Sutra Study class

After our Matsubagayatsu Remembrance Service on Sunday 25th August we will hold our monthly Lotus Sutra study class.

The Lotus Sutra is one of the Buddha's teachings which is vast, beautiful and at times difficult. The aim of these monthly classes is to support each other in delving into the text, and gaining a deeper understanding of the Buddha's teaching, his wisdom, and how to live based on his guidance.

This month we will continue our journey through the Lotus Sutra, discussing Chapter 4. We hope you can join us.





Sunday 1st September - Sunday Practice at 1pm

Friday 6th September - Odaimoku-ko at 7pm

The monthly "Odaimoku Meeting" is an opportunity to come together and support each other and practise together more intensively than we may be able to at home on our own. The energy from this longer chanting is a great way to boost and revitalise our practice each month, to reflect on the month that has passed and resolve to benefit others with our thoughts, words and actions in the coming month.


Sunday 8th September - Tatsunokuchi Persecution Remembrance Service at 1pm

On Sunday 8th September we will hold a special service to remember the Tatsunokuchi Persecution, an event which was a major turning point in Nichiren Shōnin's life.

Having been proved right in his prediction of foreign invasion when Mongol envoys arrived in Japan in 1268, Nichiren Shōnin continued his efforts to persuade the Shogunate to change their ways amid growing tension in the country surrounding the Mongol threats. As part of the Shogunate's efforts to quell dissidents, Nichiren Shōnin was arrested on spurious charges on 12th September 1271. While the official sentence was exile to the island of Sado, Nichiren Shōnin was illegally taken to the execution ground at Tatsunokuchi that same night to be beheaded. Fortunately, due to the appearance of a miraculous light in the sky, the execution was called off at the last minute.

​After the Service we will share a Potluck Lunch.


Sunday 15th September - Sunday Practice at 1pm

Sunday 22nd September - O-Higan Week Segaki Ceremony at 1pm

O-Higan week is 20th-26th September, during which we set aside extra time for our Buddhist practice and focus on “Higan” or the "other shore" of enlightenment. During this week please give extra attention to the practice of the Six Pāramitās:

Giving - Give to others what you can: time, money, labour
Precepts - Watch your behaviour
Patience - Be patient, keep calm and don’t be angry
Endeavour - Do your best in your work and Buddhist practice
Meditation - Chant the Odaimoku to keep your mind calm
Wisdom - Consider what is the truth and see things as they are

We will hold our Autumn O-Higan Segaki Ceremony on Sunday 22nd September at 1pm. In this ceremony we pray to give peace to suffering spirits, especially Hungry Ghosts, by offering them  food, water, and the Buddha’s teachings. Please bring an offering of vegetarian food for the Hungry Ghosts, which we will share after the service.

During the Segaki Service we transfer the merit from this powerful act of donation or giving to our ancestors and suffering spirits using “Toba” which are wooden tablets. The name of each ancestor you wish to deliver your love, compassion and merit to is written on one Toba. Each Toba costs £5.00. Please fill in and return the enclosed “Prayer Application From” and return it to the Temple by Wednesday 10th July. 

​Sunday 29th September - Sunday Practice at 1pm; Lotus Sutra Study Class

This month we will continue our journey through the Lotus Sutra, discussing Chapter 5. We hope you can join us.

Schedule of Events : August - September 2019

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