Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK



Sunday 3rd September - Seminar in Vienna, Austria (NO SERVICE)

Sunday 10th September, 1:00pm - Tatsunokuchi Persecution Service

Having been proved right in his prediction of foreign invasion when Mongol envoys arrived in Japan in 1268, Nichiren Shonin continued his efforts to persuade the shogunate to change their ways amid growing tension in the country surrounding the Mongol threats. As part of the shogunate’s efforts to quell dissidents, Nichiren Shōnin was arrested on spurious charges on 12th September 1271. While the official sentence was exile to the island of Sado, Nichiren Shōnin was illegally taken to the execution ground at Tatsunokuchi that same night, to be beheaded. Fortunately due to the appearance of a miraculous light in the sky, the execution was called off at the last minute. This event was a major turning point in Nichiren Shonin’s life. 

Sunday 17th September, Service at 1:00pm 

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September - O-Higan Segaki Service (Potluck Lunch)
We will hold a special Segaki Service on Sunday 24th September. During the ceremony we will pray for our ancestors and all suffering spirits, and dedicate the merits to all. The purpose of this service is to pray together for your ancestors and suffering spirits. Spirits from the Hungry Ghost world are always hungry but are never satisfied; only during this ceremony can they receive our offerings and have their hunger and thirst quenched, and their minds made calm with the Buddha’s teaching. Therefore, it is very important we offer lots of food to them, so please bring your favourite vegetarian food to offer, which the spirits can receive spiritually. After the service we will have a Potluck Lunch to share the food.

​Sunday 8th October - Service at 1pm

Sunday 15th October - Service at 1pm
Sunday 22nd October - Service at 1pm

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October - 7th Annual Seminar: 

This year we are very pleased to announce that Kanjin Cederman Shonin, of Choeizan Enkyoji Temple in Seattle, will be our best instructor. This year’s theme is “Salvation”, and during our day of practice and study we will learn about the Buddhist concept of salvation, especially based on the teaching of the Lotus Sutra, and its role in our practice. The cost is of the seminar is £30 for each day,. Please email the temple to register for a place. 

Schedule of Events : September - October 2017