Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

Due to the success of the first Seminar in 2011 we again held our annual Seminar. We invited Rev. Kanjin Cederman from Seattle as a guest speaker. For this seminar we chose a topic which is difficult and sensitive but very important : "Death". 

We divided the lectures into two areas: "What is death?" and "Salvation of the Buddha" based on Nichiren Shu tradition. In the first lecture we discussed what ahppens after death, what hell means in Buddhism, and the meanings of funeral and memorial ceremonies in Nichiren Shu. The second lecture covered where we will go after death, the pure-land of Nichiren Shu, the healing of grief and how to live the remainder of our lives. 

We also discussed various things such as suicide and abortion. We read aloud works by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a popular novelist in Japan whose works are based on Buddhist concepts. We selected two stories: "Spider-thread" and "Toshi-shun". We copied the image of Jizo (Ksitigharbha) Bodhisattva who rescues suffering souls from hell. In closing, a very unique meditation sesson was conducted by Rev. Cederman: Meditation of Death. 

Below: Shabutsu - Copying the image of Jizo Bosatsu

Below: Guest speaker, Rev. Cederman

Below: Rev. Tsukamoto

2nd Annual Seminar

(Practice and Study) - August 2012