Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

Below: A talk from Ben Capon on the Mandara Gohonzon inscribed by Nichiren Shōnin

Below: Question and answer session

Below: We went out for dinner on the Saturday evening

Below: Guest speaker, Rev. Cederman

Below: Rev. Tsukamoto and Rev. Cederman presenting the schedule for the two days to participants

3rd Annual Seminar

(Practice and Study) - September 2013

Due to the success of previous seminars, we again held our annual Nichiren Shū Practice seminar this year. The theme this year was "Embracing the Buddha through the Lotus Sūtra”. The speakers were Rev. Tsukamoto and Rev. Cederman, from Seattle Chōeizan Enkyoji.

It has been said that the Lotus Sūtra is a wonderful teaching since olden times. Do you know what kind of stories or teachings are contained in the Lotus Sūtra? You may know the primary teachings, such as the Eternal Buddha, ichinen sanzen (three thousand realms contained in one thought), the enlightenment of women, the enlightenment of evil people etc. 

How about the stories, and the message found in the Lotus Sūtra? - We wished to study the entire Lotus Sūtra, however to do so in two days would have been impossible. We therefore looked at selected chapters in order to study the main story of the Lotus Sūtra. The primary doctrines contained in the sūtra were explained, and we learned how they are connected to Nichiren Shōnin's life, and how we can reflect them in our own lives.