Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

​​Above: Ikenaga Shōnin gives a lecture on the life of Nichiren Shōnin.​.

Below, Tsukamoto Shōnin answers a question: "Is the Lotus Sūtra the Buddha's words?"

2014 Annual Seminar -

Everyday Buddhism: Living with your eyes open

This seminar focused on how to live our lives as Nichiren Shū Buddhists, and how to live our daily lives based on our faith in the Lotus Sūtra and Nichiren Shōnin's teachings. The Seminar was held over two days with lunch provided on the Sunday. Topics included the life of Nichiren Shōnin, chanting practice, daily practice, and a mind of faith.

Above: We had two very interesting and thought-provoking question and answer sessions.

Below: Finding the Essence in our Morning and Evening Service, by Cederman Shōnin

Above and below: Tsukamoto Shōnin's lecture "What is Enlightenment?" (Parts 1 and 2 of 2)

This year we held our 4th Summer Seminar over two days of the bank holiday weekend in August. The theme for this years seminar was "Everyday Buddhism: Living with your eyes open". Our guest lecturers this year were Cederman Shōnin from Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji, and Ikenaga Shōnin from the NBIC (Nichiren Buddhist International Center) in California.