Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

16th Shami Seminar at NBIC

- December 2014

Kanse Hosshi attended the Shami Seminar at the NBIC (Nichiren Buddhist International Center) in Hayward, California. Two Shami (Novice Ministers) took part in the training; the other Shami was Yotatsu Chiamulera Hosshi from Brazil. 

The two Shami received instruction in doctrine and ceremonial manner from ministers from Japan and the United States. The instructors for the Seminar were Kanai Shonin (Nichiren Buddhist Kannon Temple of Nevada), Ikenaga Shonin (NBIC), Kumakura Shonin (New York Daiseion-ji), Okuda Shonin (Nagoya). For instruction in ceremony and Shomyo (Buddhist singing), the attendees were very fortunate to have the opportunity to study under two Shomyo masters (Shomyoshi) from Japan, Kawasaki Shonin (Myosoji, Wajima) and Yoshida Shonin (Hontoji, Nobeoka). Throughout the seminar, delicious food was prepared for the instructors and students by Mrs Kawasaki.