Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

Below: Some members practicing water training (suigyo). This is a voluntary practice in which participants splash cold water over themselves seven times as purification. The body generates heat as a reaction to the cold water, and the resulting feeling is one of unexpected tranquility and calm.

Below: Drumming Practice

‚ÄčAbove: Members performing suigyo first thing in the morning, before morning Service. 

Below: Silent meditation as part of a Shodaigyo Service

Everyone who took part was very happy to have been able to practice intensively like this. We were fortunate to be able to chant as loudly as we liked, and use drums which everyone enjoyed.

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Nichiren Shu Winter Retreat (Danshinto Kenshu) 2012 

We held our second Shinto Kenshu (Believers Retreat) for two days at the beginning of November, 2012. The purpose of the retreat was to develop spiritually, and to deepen our faith. 

We practiced chanting with taiko (drums), silent meditation, angya (walking whilst chanting), water practice (suigyo) and service manner. We ate simple vegetarian food, and said goodbye to our mobile phones and watches for the retreat so that we could concentrate on practice without distractions.