Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

3rd Winter Retreat

(Danshinto Kenshu)

- January 2014

Above: Suigyō was very cold! The body generates heat as a reaction to the cold water and the resulting feeling is one of tranquility and calm.

In January 2014, we held our third Shinto Kenshu - 'Believers Retreat'. The retreat was held over three days, and the purpose was to develop ourselves spiritually, deepen our faith, and practice for the benefit of all beings.

Below: Retreat participants

Below: Particpants performed Suigyō three times each day, which is a practice where cold water is splashed over the body seven times for purification. The Lotus Sūtra says that the practitioner, wishing to make all living beings peaceful, should "Wash dirt and dust off himself, wear a new and undefiled robe, clean himself within and without, sit on the seat of the Dharma peacefully." (Chapter 14 - Murano 1991, p.216)

Above: Our humble retreat practice room. During the retreat, participants were able to practice chanting the Lotus Sūtra, chanting the Odaimoku and meditation all day every day with the intention of dedicating the merits gained from the practices to all beings.