Nichiren Shu Buddhist Temple of UK

Above: Practising chanting the Lotus Sutra

On 8th January 2017 we held a winter practice day. Participants were able to spend the day focused on practice without distractions, with the purpose of developing themselves spiritually, deepening faith, and practising Buddhism for the sake being able to help others. The day was made up of silent meditation, chanting of the Lotus Sutra, chanting the Odaimoku and Shodaigyo practice. 

By the end of the day, participants noticed a shift in their state of mind and a feeling of peace. It was a very successful day, and a wonderful way to start 2017! 

Winter Retreat Day

(Danshinto Kenshu)

- January 2017

Above and below: Participants also performed Suigyo (water purification practice) three times over the course of the day, in order to purify body and mind. Voluntarily, they poured ice cold buckets of water over themselves which although challenging, results in a feeling of tranquility and calm as the body generates heat and energy in response to the cold water.

Above: Shodaigyo chanting with Uchiwa-daiko drums. Participants chanted the Odaimoku loudly with drums with the wish to send the sound of the Dharma to the Buddha, Nichiren Shonin, and all people and sentient beings.